Hand-made knives. Examples of folk art Good day, dear readers. :) If you enjoy watching pictures and consider the intricacies of each weapon, now we will please you. After all, today we are talking about hand-made knives. Almost all the boys in childhood and teenage years were engaged in manufacturing hand-made knives. They made ​​them from wood, plastic...

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Machete Taiga. Photo Gallery Good day to all who stay with us on our blog about weapons! Most recently we announced the "tours" :) :) :) on the photo galleries of various weapons. And, if the previous posts were devoted almost ancient weapons (Katana, Falсhion and Turkish saber), but now we go to look at more advanced weapons. Our post is dedicated...

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Turkish saber. Photo Gallery of Oriental weapons. We welcome all readers of the blog about different and interesting weapons! Today we once again hold a small tour of gallery arms. We have "walked" with you to the Gallerys of katana and the falchion. This time we look at the Turkish saber. For the uninitiated people, saber - a slashing or stabbing cut-and-gun. In one...

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Katana. A selection of interesting photos Good day to all readers of blog about the interesting weapons! Do you remember our last conversation about every fan wants to look closer or hold in hands object of his adoration? The last time we had a virtual tour of the gallery photos of falchion. Today we dive into the wonderful world of Japan sword. After all this...

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Falchion. An interesting selection of photos We are glad to welcome all the readers in the pages of our blog about the weapons! Long time we have not met. It means that we will correct it. :) You would ever see the real weapons of the Middle Ages? Of course, I wanted to. Well, we can not to organize for you a trip to the museums of weapons , but to make a selection...

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The Katzbalger


Category : Historical Swords

We welcome all readers of the blog interesting swords! Today we tell about an unusual sword ...
The Katzbalger is typical sword of German and Swiss freelance. He appeared in the late XV and was produced until the middle of the XVI century. Classify this sword is very heavy on the one hand, it does have elements of type XIIIb, on the other hand, it has a flat, diamond-shaped cross section as a type XVIII since the late Middle Ages.


If we consider as a whole, katzbalger can be attributed to the type XIIIb late Renaissance. Are characteristic of a strongly curved, with a horizontal 5-shaped, parrying the bow.


Later they evolved into a regular eight.


A widespread mistake is believed that the name of the sword comes from the fact that the sheath was made of cat fur [from him. Katze - Cat). Argued that such sheath of the cat's fur allegedly was not the tip so that you can fence, not exposing the sword. Such an explanation of the name is still unlikely. Pictorial sources clearly confirm that katzbalger worn in conventional sheath. It seems that the name of the sword comes from the ancient expression denoting the brawl (katzbalgen - fight), that is, wie-die-Katzen-balgen (fight like cats).

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[...] already seen some of the swords, which are different from their "brothers" by type. This example the katzbalger, Irish sword or sword of Boabdil. And in today's post we'll talk again about an unusual sword: the [...]

[...] there were specific instances, such as swords with parrying temples in the form of eight, as in the katzbalger or tied in the shape of a [...]

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